Demon Lover by Heather Guerre


Content/Trigger Warnings: Death of a parent, child abandonment, negligent/absent parent, infidelity (of a side character), references to historical enslavement and violence against enslaved people, sex/sexual scenes, sexual predator behavior (from a coworker), toxic work environment, mentions loss of a parent, scenes talking about self-harm/suicide

“Demons aren’t real. Awkward, generous sex demons are definitely not real. And yet…”

*sips tea* This was a read that was bound to happen, friends. If you’ve been here a hot second then you know how much I adore books with demons or anything pertaining to creatures of the Underworld. And who could have predicted that for the romantic, lovey season I’d be sitting here recommending a sexy incubus novella to all of you lovely souls? I really loved this novella and probably one of the fastest novella reads I’ve done in a while. So many things to love packed into this book and we’re going to talk about it!

Autumn is down on her luck. She recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her, has lost most of her friends who chose her cheating ex over her, and now she’s stuck in a run down apartment, and dealing with a non-profit that provides a very unfriendly work environment for her. The only thing Autumn has to look forward to is going home every night to fall asleep to spicy, sexy dreams that leave her waking up feeling refreshed, in more ways than one. Until she realizes that an incubus is the reason behind her sexy dreams and manages to pull him out of the dream world. Now, Autumn finds herself with more questions than answers and on top of that, falling in love with the very Incubus she summoned.

“It was through dreams that she had met Irdu. And it was through dreams that she would find him again.”

These characters were so good to follow and watch unfold in various ways. Though Autumn is hurting from the bad breakup, she’s a really talented artist and we get to see her talk about that. She also talks about her personal life with her family, how she miss her father and her grandparents’ home, and how her family used to celebrate the holidays. Learning more about the main character through the natural progression of the book and her building her relationship with Irdu was really wholesome and hit a soft spot for me. Then we have a our illustrious incubus, Irdu. Irdu was just chef’s kiss! Irdu is a character who gets a wonderful character development and he always asks consent when it comes to doing anything with our main character. Also, he has such a captivating, but also heartbreaking backstory that ties in with the mythology that was used within this book.

Speaking of consent, it made the intimate scenes ten times better. I’m a big lover of scenes of consent in literature and seeing a main character, who’s also the love interest, be so adamant about consent really made those scenes even better for me. Now, the sex scenes in this novella are just the right amount of spicy, sexy, but also key to the main character and love interest building their relationship, and their closeness to one another. Also, these scenes aren’t that overwhelming which is really nice for readers who aren’t big fans of sexy, intimate scenes in book.

I think my only issue I had with this read, like with all novellas, is how much I wished it was longer. Due to reading this so fast, I was left wanting more and craving that extra 30-50 pages to be able to consume these characters just a little longer. Also, I feel like the timing of bringing Autumn’s ex-boyfriend in the pictures was too close to the ending of the story. I think I would have liked him to come around more-so around the middle of the book compared to closer near the end, and around the more holiday scenes of this book. This would have given us the chance to see more of his character and the potential of what could have happened after his exit. So it felt like there was some wasted possibilities with his character.

Overall, wow, this was such a good read! I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it and even more surprised there aren’t more readers talking about this novella. The mythology of the story as whole was so fascinating and has me intrigued to learn more about it. The relationship and intimate scenes were just chef’s kiss. There’s just so, so much to fall in love with this novella and I truly believe this author could have turned this into a full blown novel if they wanted to. If you love books surrounding incubi/demons and you’re a fan of paranormal romances then I can’t recommend this novella enough. Such a delicious read!


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