Favorite Non-Bookish Things 2021

At the end of year, I always try to write down at least ten things that have helped make a year better or perhaps helped make the year more tolerable. These ten things can vary from things that brought me joy to things that have brought peace or tranquility when needed most. As I’ve mentioned a lot, 2021 was a rough year. It was a year that felt like a lot of my harmony and euphoria were stolen from me. However, I did manage to find comfort in a few things this year. 💖

1. Chillhop Music

2021 has been the year for calm, chilling music that I can just vibe to. And Chillhop came in clutch so many times over the past couple of months. It allowed me to refocus in times when I felt like I was getting off track with my schedule or when I just needed moments of tranquility. Chillhop made my down time more enjoyable, more peaceful, and was definitely a savior when I needed it.

2. Dead By Daylight

Look, I know I don’t talk about the gaming side of me that often, but oh, it’s there and it has been a safe harbor for all of 2021. Gaming has always been a place that I can fall back on when I need to find moments of joy, need to brain dump my thoughts out the window, or even, yes I’m going to say it, relax. Even though this game can be stressful at times, I truly enjoy it and this game has allowed me to zone out when I needed to do so the most.

3. Studio Ghibli

This feels like a given, but Studio Ghibli is something that has always brought me comfort and happiness. In times of being sick, battling mental health and chronic illness, Studio Ghibli has always been right there making things slightly better. So I guess, you could say this is a default go-to thing I do, but truly, it has made 2021 a bit better in the times when I needed it.

4. My Cat

Little apple of my eye, he has been a great joy to have. This small bean came to us at the beginning of 2020 and we got to spend two whole years watching him come to life since his rescue. He has made 2021 lighter and has taught me so many important lessons. Each day with him is such a blessing and I’m grateful we get to share out lives with such a unique soul!

5. Planning & Routines

If you couldn’t tell from the image on this article, I had to mention planning and routines. When I don’t have a solid plan or routine in place, things tend to fall into chaos… the bad kind of chaos. However, planning things out and making a routine has been a huge help. Although, the this month things have fallen into some discord, but I’m hoping to fix that with the coming year.

6. Going Outside

No photo description available.

If you haven’t seen my blog post Reflecting on 2021 & Goals for 2022, definitely check that out because if you missed it, you’ll learn that 2021 was a year of hard lessons for me. And in everything that happened in 2021, there were many times, many moments where I needed to escape or to just exist by myself. A lot of times I would throw myself into nature and go on hikes. I would also ask a friend if I could come over and ride her horses. Sometimes I’d just go outside to meditate. Just stepping out into nature breathes life back into you and heals you in ways that I can’t even begin to describe and maybe it takes reaching certain points for it to feel like a spiritual experience, but there were moments; moments in the silence and there’s nothing but the rustling of leaves – that the breath I had been holding for so long could finally be exhaled and I could just be.


Look… LOOK! I know, I know… some of you are going to go, “Malli, what the French Toast?! Are you okay??? You need a sleeping pill?” Yes, I’m okay. I’m doing better than I was, but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention asmr to help with sleeping. If you’re like me, who has three chronic illnesses that flare up at random times and when stressed out they spend 4-5 hours trying to becoming sleepy all over again, then sometimes you break out the power moves. It’s asmr… asmr is my power move, my ace in the hole. I’m not going to list all the asmr channels I’ve hopped on or the ones I’ve fell in love with, but this video above (yeah, that one!) is one of my favorites thus far.

8. My Significant Other

I feel like this is the most obvious thing I could state on this post, but truly, truly I am absolutely BLESSED for my significant other. They have been in my corner like an ox (it’s a terrible reference, but I’ll explain!). In the times where I have been suffering, struggling, or feeling very lost, they refused to throw hands up and be like, “Okay, tell me when you want me here” or “If there’s nothing I can do then come get me when there is.” They have been an anchor throughout 2021 and they truly do deserve to be mentioned because they do so, so much. I’m very lucky to have them and truly, they are the moon to my sun.

9. Fruit

Friends, if you’re like me then you’re a snack gremlin. When you go grocery shopping, you already have your snack list planned out and you’re on the hunt. Fruit has been an insane go-to snack this year and it’s been helping me stay on track with some personal goals of mine. But seriously, fruit has been such a blessing this entire year. Nothing can beat some fresh picked apples, sliced, with some peanut butter! YUM!

10. Markiplier

*inhales* Listen… I have watched Markiplier for years now and anytime I need to laugh, I can always watch a Markiplier video to cheer me up. Ironically, Markiplier videos help me focus, insanely well actually, on anything I’m doing in that moment. I’m reading a book, watch me read three-five chapters in one sitting. I’m organizing things, catch my chaos flying everywhere into sorted piles. And I’ve kind of been going back and watching all of the scary game videos, and it’s been a wild ride thus far. It’s made this year a little more fun and entertaining. Just… just don’t ask how I ended up falling down this rabbit hole because I don’t even have a good explanation.

Oh boy, I feel like I just revealed the skeletons in my closet and I can’t stop cackling. 2021 really said, “Let’s kick ya while you’re down!” And maybe the full weight of 2021 hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m ready, so ready for 2022 to start. But I digress. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe some of it made you giggle or maybe you can relate. Do you have a non-bookish thing that made 2021 a better year? Tell me down in the comments below! In the meantime, I’m sending you all my love and well wishes as we slowly descend into 2022! 💚


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