Inn Boonsboro Trilogy by Nora Roberts


Please note, this is going to be a series review! Please check individual reviews for content and trigger warnings!

🏡️ The Next Always Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

🏡️ The Last Boyfriend Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

🏡️ The Perfect Hope Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

After many, many requests and questions, I’m finally writing a full series review for the Inn BoonBoro Trilogy. This review is long overdue and I’m just glad I can finally share my thoughts on this series as a whole. I have said in every review for each book in this trilogy that I get asked all the time, ‘where is the best place to start with Nora Roberts’ work’, and I always tell them to start with this series.

The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy follows the three Montgomery brothers, as they work to renovate the historical hotel in town to fit their mother’s vision for the place. Despite all the hustle and bustle of managing all the tedious projects and tasks their mother has planned for them, each Montgomery boy will find love brewing with one of three best friends of town; Clare Brewster, Avery MacTavish, and Hope Beaumount. Each book tells the love story of one Montgomery brother and three ladies.

I decided to do a small, spoiler free break down of each book. This is to help show the individual love stories, but to also show how each of them are connected to one another. Enjoy!

πŸ’ The Next Always

Our story follows Beckett Montgomery, the architect f the family. The evidence of a social life is the moments when he’s out with his brother, eating pizza and drinking a cold one. So when he starts getting soft on Clare Brewster, the owner of the town’s bookstore, he starts to shift his time and attention towards her. Clare Brewster is a single mother of three and has been running the town’s bookstore since she move back. After her husband passed away, she’s always had to do things on her own, never relying on anyone outside of family, but when Beckett Montgomery expresses his interest in her, she decides it’s time to give love a chance one more time.

πŸ’ The Last Boyfriend

After Clare found her romance with Beckett, Avery MacTavish wants a little romance of her own. She just never expected it to be Own Montgomery to be that person. Avery is the owner of the popular pizzeria in town and she’s always the busy worker bee, never a moment to slow down. All she wants is to make her dream of owning her own restaurant and bar a reality. But romance is keeping her on her toes and when old feelings for Owen start drifting into her thoughts, maybe you can have romance with the boy you loved since you were a kid.

πŸ’ The Perfect Hope

Ryder Montgomery is the hardest Montgomery brother and when Hope Beaumont moves to town, to be the new inn manager, she gets under Ryder’s skin like no one has before. Hope gave up everything for a fresh start in BoonsBoro. She’s traded glamour and excitement for the small town vibes and close community. The only problem with running away from your past, sometimes it finds you even after you’ve washed your hands clean of it. Seeing Hope vulnerable stirs emotions within Ryder that he wasn’t even sure he was capable of feeling. Soon, the two will become closer than they ever been before.

When I first read this series, I absolutely loved it. I flew through it so quickly and I really enjoyed the romances between each characters. It took me forever to track down a copy of The Perfect Hope in the larger print. So that anticipation was intense. However, my second time reading it was a bit different. I still love this series so, so much, but my second read through made me realize that I disliked the paranormal element in this series. For whatever reason, my first read through mental blocked that out or ignored it. And now, being a more critical reader, I just didn’t enjoy the paranormal element. There’s nothing wrong with the paranormal element, it just wasn’t my cup of paranormal.

I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but when I first read this series, The Perfect Hope was my favorite. Now, since rereading this trilogy, I’m leaning more towards The Last Boyfriend being my favorite. I just really enjoyed Avery and Owen a lot more this time around than I expected. Regardless, I love all the characters and their individual stories. I just liked Avery and Owen a little bit more than the others.

Overall, I still recommend this series with my whole heart. This was my first trilogy by Nora Roberts I ever read and I still enjoy them. I’m still waiting for a novella that features Ryder and Hope. Maybe one day! I do recommend checking out my reviews for each book individually, though. I didn’t list the content and trigger warnings on this overall review because the content and trigger warnings are different for each book. So please read those before you pick this series up and make sure you practice self-care while you read.


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