Mini Reviews: Luna and the Moon Rabbit & The Origin of Day and Night

Salutations Chapterlings! I wanted to do something a little different on my blog for books that are shorter such as children books or potential chapter samplers. So these are just two children’s books I’ve read this year. One is based off Asian folklore and the other is from Inuit mythology. I truly hope you’ll give these books a chance and enjoy these two mini reviews!

Luna and the Moon Rabbit follows a young girl who befriends the “moon rabbit”. One night when she’s about to fall asleep, the Moon Rabbit whisks her away. Together they go on a nighttime adventure through wondrous landscapes, building a loving friendship.

I thought this was such beautifully told story. The artwork is absolutely stunning and fans of Studio Ghibli are sure to fall in love with it. It gives a lot of My Neighbor Totoro vibes. It also restores that desire to explore the natural world especially if you’re a child. We often forget how much there’s left to discover and the delightful things you can encounter when you explore. So I really appreciate the author adding that theme because it truly encourages the reader to get out and explore. I also loved the friendship between the main character and the Moon Rabbit. I thought it was really precious and I really enjoyed how they looked out for one another. Overall, I think this was a super cute read and I really enjoyed reading this by candle light.


The Origin of Day and Night is a book where in early times, words spoken by chance has the power to become reality. In this tale, we follow a fox and a snowshoe hare who both wish to forage for food. Yet, hare cannot hunting during night and fox cannot hunt by day. Together they’ll come together to express their desires, realizing their words are too powerful to ignore any longer.

Before I start, I’m not Inuit, I’m Apache. So I can’t make any commentary about this tale. Regardless, I really, really loved this story so, so much! I thought this was a such a powerful story of how night and day came into existence. I also really liked how hare and fox came together to work things out despite their frustrations with each other. I also loved how this tale shows how powerful words can be when uttered into existence. And the artwork is absolutely stunning. The cover alone is beautiful, but the inside is just as gorgeous. I think many younger readers will enjoy this book and really fall in love with this Inuit tale.



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