Authors to Support during Self-Isolation

Before I start, I just want to say a gentle reminder; your feelings are valid and I see you, I hope you’re staying safe, you’re eating well, drinking lots of water, and of course, I love you!

Salutations Chapterlings! I’m going to do a post that’s a little different compared to what I usually do. If you haven’t heard, I’m currently helping out with the Social Distance Book Fest and we’re putting together amazing panels with authors who have been affected by everything going on in the world, authors who just want to get involved or help out, and some wonderful people in the book community who are helping bring everything together. Bethany from Beautifully Bookish Bethany, the founder and creator of this event, has an official video out stating all the details of the event. It’s going to be amazing, if you haven’t checked the event out yet then please check it out and join us on April 25th!

Okay, I got off topic a little bit, but it ties in with the point of this article. With all the authors and small businesses being affected by everything happening, I wanted to take the time to show some of the authors you can support during these challenging times. There are many authors (debut and more seasoned) that are releasing books in the coming months. So I figured I would show some of the authors that you can support in the months to come. And depending on how much you loved this list, I might end up showing you some of the small businesses I’m supporting right now, as well. Now without any further delays, lets jump into the books!

🌸 A Phoenix First Must Burn by Patrice Caldwell 🌸

🌸 Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman 🌸

🌸 Tigers, Not Daughters by Samantha Mabry 🌸

🌸 Night of the Dragon (Shadow of the Fox #3) by Julie Kagawa 🌸

🌸 You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle 🌸

🌸 The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson 🌸

🌸 A Breath Too Late by Rocky Callen 🌸

🌸 Don’t Call the Wolf by Aleksandra Ross 🌸

🌸 Lobizona (Wolves of No World) by Romina Garber 🌸

🌸 Every Missing Piece by Melanie Conklin 🌸

🌸 Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust 🌸

🌸 I Kissed Alice by Anna Birch 🌸

🌸 The Gilded Ones (Deathless #1) by Namina Forna 🌸

🌸 Where Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards #1) Janella Angeles 🌸

🌸 Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas 🌸

🌸 Forest of Souls (Shamanborn, #1) by Lori M. Lee 🌸

Okay, friends! I know that was a super long list and I’m so grateful that you checked out all of these amazing books! In case you didn’t notice, each book has a link that allows you to not only support the authors, but support your local books stores as well. I love supporting small businesses whenever I can and this is a great way to spread the love during these hard times. There are even more books coming out this year that aren’t even listed. So don’t forget about those books, those authors, or your local book stores when you’re shopping during self-isolation. Feel free to tell me some of the upcoming releases that you have pre-ordered in the comments below. Until next time, remember to treat yourself kindly, drink plenty of water, eat some yummy fruit, and as always, I love you! 💕


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