Reading Playlist in Self-Isolation

Salutations Chapterlings! Let me start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to read what I’ve been putting up on my blog during these challenging times. I hope you all are staying safe, staying healthy, and that your loved ones are doing the same! Just the fact that you are taking the time to check in on my blog and the recent reviews that have been going up, it means a lot and I’m so grateful that you’re here.

With everything going on, I wanted to bring a little piece of my corner of what I’ve been listening to as a way of keeping my mood light. These are just a few songs that have been helping me focus while reading or just relaxing while at home. I hope you end up enjoying these songs as much as I do. And as always, I love you! 💕

🌸 The Midnight – Los Angeles 🌸

🌸 The Weekend – Blinding Lights 🌸

🌸 Emily King – Can’t Hold Me Now 🌸

🌸 Meghan Trainor – Better When I’m Dancing 🌸

🌸 Harry Styles – Adore You 🌸

🌸 Alex Goot & The Four – Wolves Cover 🌸

🌸 Peter Hollens – Rewrite the Stars Cover 🌸

Okay, friends! Those are just a few of the songs I have been listening to that have been really keeping me light. I hope you liked them or at least use them in your own routine for the day. Please feel free to recommend some of the songs that have been helping you stay focused or helping your mood light during these hard times. As always, I hope you’re staying saying, eating well, reading a book or two, and of course, I love you! 💕


4 thoughts on “Reading Playlist in Self-Isolation

  1. This is such a beautiful idea Autumn. I would love to make a blog post about the music I’m listening to right now. Music is so wonderfully healing. Is that okay if I tag you?

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