Beasts of Abigaile Vol. 1 (Beasts of Abigaile #1) by Spica Aoki


Content/Trigger Warnings: Bullying, violence, physical abuse, scene of child abuse, slavery, talk of torture

“I never could’ve imagined…the unthinkable trails that awaited me…here on Abigaile.”

Dearest readers, this book completely took me by surprise. Actually, I shouldn’t be that surprised because my dearest friend Kayla from Books and Blends recommended this series to me and we have very similar taste in books. And I ate this first book alive! I devoured it and now I’m waiting for my order of the rest of this series to arrive. There are werewolves, there’s a character named Darrio who is just a flamboyant precious bean, and I have so many questions that I need answers to. I just fell in love with this a whole ton and I’m so excited!

Our story follows Nina who recently relocated to the beautiful country Ruberia. Even though this country is very beautiful, this country has many dark secrets lurking underneath it’s surface and Nina quickly realizes the darkest secret of them all. Once bitten by a wolf-like luga, Nina soon transforms and dragged off to the penitentiary academy know as Abigaile, where the luga of Ruberia learn how to serve humans. With her strong-willed personality, Nina will make extraordinary friends, gain a lover or two, plenty of enemies, and disrupting the alpha-omega hierarchy from it’s core!

I love Nina as our main character. She has so much life to her and the way she stands up to right the wrong being done just fill my heart with so many warm feelings. I will always be a sucker for strong willed characters who voice their words, stand up for those who don’t know how to, and still have the compassion when the situation would harden most. She easily became a character I was invested in and saw myself in. She just has one of those personalities that you can’t resist even if you really wanted to.

We also get introduced to a bunch of other characters that are probably going to make plenty of other appearances. For starters, you have Gilles who’s on the student council at the academy and I’m not going to lie, he’s a bit of a dream boat! We also have Roy who’s not only an alpha of one of the groups at the academy, he’s also the wolf who bit Nina and seems to have it out for her. Then we have one of my favorite and most exciting characters, Darrio. He’s the alpha who takes Nina in and offers her protection. He also has an incredible taste in fashion and is very flamboyant. I love him to pieces and I will protect him with my whole heart and soul! There are many side characters, but these are the main characters who stick out the most in this book and I have no doubt that we’re going to see so much more from them in upcoming volumes.

The thing that blew me away the most with this volume was the ending. I love a good series or book that ends on a really great cliffhanger that encourages the readers to keep reading. And this cliffhanger, it was so juicy and good. I wanted so much more when I read those final pages because those few pages offer so much, but it leaves you craving more, having so many questions, and wondering what this all means. I’ll be honest, I took some series notes and predicting what will happen in the next volume because my curiosity is eager to know.

Overall, I know this wasn’t a super long review, but I don’t want to say too much that might reveal twists or major events that happen in this first volume. What I will say is how good this first volume was and how fast paced everything is. As I said, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrive of the rest of the series because my drive to power read through this series is on a high right now. If you’re anything like me who loves a fast paced read that involves werewolves and dark secrets then this is going to be a manga series you want to pick up. Also, this series is super short! Aside from one other series that I know of, this series only has four books in total. If you’re a fast reader, you can easily breeze through this series super quickly! I highly recommend checking it out and giving it a chance!


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