My 2020 Goals | Bookish and Personal

Salutations Chapterlings! I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of December, the end of 2019, and we’re reaching into a era of exciting things waiting to happen! I have so many feelings. Reflecting back on what an intense and wild ride of a year this was, it blows my mind every time. I feel so grateful, so humbled, but also incredibly sad and emotional. I really wanted to take the time to be open with all of you, yes you dear reader, about some of the things that have happened this year that I’m proud of, things that have really opened my eyes and made me feel really blessed, and just deserve to be recognized before we get into my goals.

🎇 I started the year off strong with recognizing that I’ve progressed into a more critical reader.

🎇 I survived a horrible and terrifying car accident that almost took my life.

🎇 I found a deep love for BTS!

🎇 I ended a really toxic friendship that was eating my mental health to pieces.

🎇 I became a rep for one of my favorite small businesses, Jemlin Creations!

🎇 I started this blog!

🎇 I’ve made so many more amazing friends in the book community like: Kayla, Emer, Donna, Robin!

🎇 I’ve had so many wonderful and exciting buddy reads this year.

🎇 I got promoted at my job and became the first woman in my family to say they reached a management position!

🎇 I rediscovered my self-worth and value all over again.

Whoo, that felt so amazing to say, to put all of this out there into the world, to finally feel that weight of what each one of these things carry with them. This year truly has been a roller coaster of events, emotions, and the sense of a heavy weight on my shoulders. And now I’m truly ready to move into the new year and welcome more positive things in 2020. I have such big plans for the new year and yes, this is the official announcement of some of the things I have planned for the new year. I’m truly excited, very blessed for the amount of support that I’ve received, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!

🎇 Bookish Plans 🎇

🎇 Get caught up on my 2019 backlist!

🎇 Officially reach 100 books read for my first year.

🎇 Finally, FINALLY get my BookTube channel up and running! (Yes, this is happening!)

🎇 Get that TBR cart under control or invest in a new one!

🎇 Get more organized with where my books are coming from.

🎇 Celebrate one year of book blogging.

🎇 Read more newer releases!

🎇 Personal Plans 🎇

🎇 Find a job that respects me as a person.

🎇 Get into less accidents.

🎇 Spend more time with friends and family.

🎇 Try new things!

🎇 Get at least three blog posts out every week.

🎇 Do more of what I love.

🎇Be kinder to myself and treat myself every once in a blue moon!

Okay, friends! Those are all my goals for 2020 and I’m nervous, anxious, and so excited! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting this article together. As I mentioned, so many emotions and feelings have been risen from writing this article. Reflecting and looking back, I’m grateful for all the hardships, the challenges, and the weight each thing carries with them. It something I will never forget and I’m truly blessed for each moment. But please tell me in the comments some of your 2020 goals whether they’re personal or bookish, I would love to hear it and you have my full support! Until next time, may you new year take off with a bang, I love you! 💕


23 thoughts on “My 2020 Goals | Bookish and Personal

  1. Oh my gosh you are the best!!!! <333 so much love for you Autumn!!! I feel so blessed to have met you through blogging. Looking forward to a wonderful 2020 for us both. And so many amazing things you did…and survived! Omg a car crash, that must've been so horrifically terrifying. I'm with you this year in recognising people who were less than good for my own personal wellbeing and took a tough decision to stand up for myself more than I ever used to. Makes me feel proud of myself and how much stronger I have become :))) Much love for 2020 my dear friend <333

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  2. YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for being my friend as well this past year. I have been drowning in my own little box and am happy to have found someone else i can chat with not just with books but life. I hope this year brings you so much joy and happiness you always have a smile on your face. ( speaking of face we should totally do a video chat one day). Happy New Year my friend!

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    1. Okay, I’m not crying…you’re crying! This just made my heart grow three sizes. Words can’t begin to express how much I value what you said, how grateful I am for your friendship, and the weight of what your words have impacted my heart with. ❤️ I’m so, so thankful. And yes, we should video chat sometime! We can talk about books, life, and just be there for each other!

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      1. We are all crying!!! Are you related to the Grinch cause that would be freaking awesome. LOL I am super happy to have made your feel this way your a great friend and i can not wait for our first video chat!

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      2. Hahaha if I was related to the Grinch, I’m the good version of him then! It really did! My spouse freaked out because I was sobbing and all soft and emo. I can’t wait either! It’ll be a fun time and it’ll be so much fun! ❤️

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