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Book Outlet Haul | Black Friday Got Me!

Salutations friends! Yes, I have a book haul and no this isn’t going onto my November or December book haul! This haul is getting it’s very own post because this order did come at a very strange time and I personally don’t feel it needs to be looped in with either. So if you weren’t aware, BookOutlet had a Black Friday sale and I told myself I wasn’t going to cave into the Black Friday madness and buy books only holiday gifts. This is the part where I blame all my friends and Bookstgram because the amount of spam for this happening was relentless. I’m talking emails, Bookstgram stories, private messages, group chats, I wasn’t safe even if I tried to be. I caved…I caved so hard. Now originally I had more books than this and despite it all, I managed to narrow it down to a small handful of books, but it was a struggle. And I did manage to find some holiday presents on there, but majority of this order… yeah, I’m guilty as charged. Anyway, this isn’t a super big haul, but I wanted to make sure that I shared it with you all. Without any further delay, here’s the order that caught me by surprise!

❄️Wicked Like a Wildfire (Hibiscus Daughter #1) by Lana Popovic

❄️ The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith

❄️ A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na

❄️ Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor

❄️ A Mindful Evening by David Dillard-Wright

❄️ Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton

❄️ Zodiac (Zodiac, #1) by Romina Russell

❄️ A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakers #1) by Brigid Kemmerer

❄️ I’ll Always Love You by Mark Sperring

Okay, readers! I hope you all enjoyed this quick haul! I know it wasn’t super big, but I truly hope you enjoyed it as much as I had fun putting this together. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below what books you snagged on Black Friday or your thoughts on any of these titles. Until next time, I hope the end of the year is kind to you and you can fit those last minute reads in, I love you! 💙


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