Snowbound with the Boss (Pregnant by the Boss) by Maureen Child


Content/Trigger Warnings: Death/loss of a loved one, talk of a miscarriage, borderline stalking, anxiety

“all he saw were Kate’s eyes, and he remembered how they looked with firelight dancing in their depths.”

Kate Wells is an independent, strong, confident woman who doesn’t need any distractions in her life. She works hard for everything she has and when her boss comes to shake things up, her walls coming down aren’t the only things shaking things up. Sea Ryan is California surfing, business running, billionaire who never likes to settle. He keeps things loose and is a number one playboy. However, after coming in contact with Kate Wells, Sean is suddenly questioning everything and can’t seem to get this particular lady off his mind. Now these two stubborn and confident people will locks horns as the news of a baby slowly comes to light.

Sean Ryan is the man, the boss, the billionaire bachelor every girl wants for themselves. He runs his own gaming company along with his brother and they’re planning on a big convention in Wisconsin for the launch of their most recent game. Enters Kate Wells. Kate Wells is a strong headed woman who runs her own contracting company. She needs to be the one in control, always. When she’s hired by the arrogant Sean Ryan, she’s has to balance doing her job and fighting the undying attraction she has for him. Now all her control is slipping through the cracks. And when a snow storm hits, suddenly, both boss and contractor are face to face with their feelings and things begin to heat up. Snowbound with the Boss is about to make you swoon with the perfect situation and outdoor setting! With these two point of views, readers will see things from both sides of the story!

Honestly, I wish we had received so much more from this book. I guess you could say I have some mixed feelings on how this story-line played out as a whole. For me, it felt too short to compact everything it wanted to do into just the 186 pages that it had. There was also some questionable responses to situations that caught me off guard and made me question some things.

One of my biggest issues with this book is how some of the situations are handled. Without going into too much detail or spoilers, there were two incidents that were extremely questionable on how they were handled. The first issue is when Sean flies back to Wisconsin to track down Kate and when he finds her, in in for the biggest surprise of his life. However, in that whole moment, Kate and Sean reaches a point where Sean grabs a hold of Kate’s arm in the heat of the argument. Now for some readers this might now have been an issue or they might have overlooked it, but for myself, that’s something I noticed and the whole thing made me uneasy. No one, regardless of gender, should be putting their hands on the other person in the middle of a heated argument. It would have been one thing if it was out of concern, but if a person is putting their hands on another person in the middle of an argument, anyone can assume that the argument is going to escalate into something physical, whether that’s fighting or getting being overly aggressive to assert dominance in the situation. Then the fact that after that situation happened; the whole action wasn’t challenged afterwards with her saying “Don’t put your hands on me” or “Never touch me like that again” just didn’t sit well with me. And then the second thing that didn’t sit too well with me is how Kate’s character was treated. Both Sean and Kate have their issues, but the way Kate’s character was treated in a certain situation was really bothersome. For the situation, I understand what the author was trying to do; use grief and loss as a way to explain why Kate is acting the way she is, but how it all played out was poorly executed. The ball is basically dropped that she’s been acting so guarded and paranoid about pregnancy is because her grief has made her form a weird ideology about it being the the baby given to her by her late husband. Once that is dropped, she has a moment of realization and then that’s it. Nothing else after that. I will also say that I thought it was incredibly inappropriate for Sean to have pushed Kate to the point of having a mental breakdown just so she would talk about her grief and her late husband. That entire scene as a whole, from start to beginning, just didn’t sit well with me. I wish both of these scenes had been handled differently or executed a little bit better.

The other thing I really wish this book did was give us a hundred more pages. This book just felt too short and lacking in detail that could have filled for at least another hundred pages. A lot of this book felt rushed and quickly thrown together where there’s key points in this book that could have used more details. I love a quick romance as much as the next reader, but I definitely think this book could have used just a little more to it.

“This was a big storm showing of no signs of ending yet – and she was glad. In fact, she’d never been so happy about being snowed in.”

Aside from those negative points, I really did like the bits of detail that we did receive. For example, I definitely appreciated the steamy moments. I wish we had a little more to them, but you could really appreciate the mood that was set between the two main characters. I also really loved the little details and how big of symbol coffee became for this book. As someone who runs off of coffee, I loved how much a hot cup of coffee meant for some of those moments between the two main characters. And the descriptions of the Wisconsin scenery, it makes me miss New Hampshire so much. It was absolutely perfect. Besides all of that, I have so much love for the fact that we have a gaming company in this book. It’s these little pieces that made me appreciate some of the elements in this book. I wish we had seen more of those because those little pieces will make some readers, like myself, all soft and sappy.

Overall, I think this was an okay read. There’s wasn’t anything too special about this book that made me invested in the characters or the story-line. I think if you’re looking for a quick romance to fly through then this will be a book you might enjoy. I definitely think if you go in wanting a good time then you’re definitely going to be disappointed just because there’s maybe three steamy scenes in this book and the rest is about the love-hate relationship and pregnancy. However, there are some lovely details that will make you fall in love with Wisconsin or appreciate the little things. I know I certainly enjoyed them and those little bits are the reason this book is a high two stars.


4 thoughts on “Snowbound with the Boss (Pregnant by the Boss) by Maureen Child

  1. I love seeing reviews of these types of books, as I read a lot of them lol. This definitely seems like it would have been a cute story minus the few parts you mentioned and if it was a bit longer. Loved the review!


    1. Awe thank you! ❤️ Yes, there were definitely moments that were fun, cute, or you could picture really well in your mind. It definitely needed to be longer though. I’m glad you enjoyed the review overall though! ❤️

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