Dream Daddy #5 by Josh Trujillo & D.J. Kirkland


Other creators involved in the making of this graphic novel include: Color by Matt Herms, lettering by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, designed by Kate Z. Stone and Angie Knowles

“Now Entering The Oh-So Foreboding TempleEveryone Roll for Awareness!”

The Dream Daddy comics are brought to us devoted readers from the amazing and incredible creators of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. If you’re a lover of the video game, these comics are bound to make any Dream Daddy gamer and fan happy. Each comic is unique with their own stories to allow the reader to become familiar with all of the daddies! Now step into the world of Dungeon Daddies with the fifth volume in this comic series! D&D and the Dream Daddies come together in this sweet, funny, and enchanting comic. Now prepare your defenses, this comic is about to steal your life force! Roll for a health check, stat!

Meet the Daddies:

🌻 Joseph – Church Daddy
🌻 Brian – Homebody Daddy
🌻 Robert – Bad Boy Daddy
🌻 Craig – Gym/Coach Daddy
🌻 Damien – Gothic/Vampire Daddy
🌻 Hugo – Teacher Daddy
🌻 Matt – Coffee/Music Daddy

I’ve been neutral evil all day, I swear!

My Thoughts

Oh my goodness, I loved this comic with all of my heart! I mean, I love all of the comics so far, but this one just filled my heart with so much joy, love, and all the warm feelings! I was in the mood for a comic book that was going to fill a small void in my heart and boy did this comic deliver! Okay, okay… I swear I will try to avoid gushing all over the place, but let me go into some more details!

For starters, if you’re not familiar with the Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating simulator video game then these characters will probably annoy you or be a bit bothersome for you. They each have their own quirks and flaws, but when they’re all put together, they come together really nicely and some of the funniest things happen with all of them together as well! They’re just all unique, precious beans that I want to protect, always. However, Joseph is shady and no one can convince me otherwise!

The other thing that might turn people off from this comic is fact that it is very much inspired and joined with D&D. In case you don’t know what D&D is, D&D is Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a fantasy, role-playing tabletop game or RPG for short. The game was originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Lastly, the game was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules Inc. Since then, multiple companies have release various versions of the game with all types of campaigns that can be played. So readers, if you’re not familiar with D&D, you’ve never played it, or have never had the chance to sit in on an actual campaign then this whole theme of this comic might seem silly or even confusing.

However, I loved it! I have played many RPGs (D&D included), I do LARPing almost every other week, and I’m an overall nerd so I never truly struggled with the flip-flop between the campaign and what was happening outside or the campaign. I lived for every moment this comic would take a twist or a turn in the campaign. I also really loved how we got a lot of attention on Hugo, who was playing Dungeon Master for this whole comic. Dungeon Masters, often, don’t receive the spotlight or credit they deserve. Seeing Hugo as Dungeon Master getting some spotlight time, but also getting guided on how to make the game enjoyable for everyone was really fulfilling. I also really enjoyed how the each Daddies’ character went well with their personalities. I thought it was so cute that the creators had their personalities really overlap into their charactersa. For example, Robert’s character is a rogue who can pick locks all the way to slight of hand. It was just all so precious and I really loved seeing that bit.

Newbies gotta stick together… You goofy bear-barian.

I also really liked the fact the creators had a little bit of Hugo’s son, Ernest, leave a little mark of himself in this comic. The fact they still kept up with Ernest characteristics and traits in the comic was priceless! Granted, I was expecting Ernest to pop out and set fire to something, but him leaving that little footnote for Hugo to find was hilarious and fits so well to his character!

Oh I almost forgot, but let me just mention that the amount of shipping and OTPing I was having with this comic was off the charts. Yes, I’m going there and I don’t care because someone needs to talk about it! The amount of love that flows between Craig and Brain in this comic is so apparent, so pure that is melts my heart. Brain’s this big, soft, lovable teddy bear kind of guy and Craig is this buffed up daddy who looks out for everyone, watching the two of them stick together throughout this comic made my heart scream with joy. A thousand blessings on the creators for giving us fans just enough romance to make us go wild for more!

And of course the artwork and coloring is absolute perfection! The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the cover. The actual physical cover of the graphic novel uses a lot of bright neon colors and I felt it was very hard on the eyes. However, the digital cover is absolutely stunning. I love the way the cover’s setting gave off these nightly vibes with archaic magic shooting out everywhere. It’s gorgeous and more pleasing to the eye to look at. Although, it’s always a good time when we can see Craig showing off his abs. So I’m not too upset, my eyes are just burning like a thousand suns from all the neon coloring.

Overall, I loved this comic and the best way is to just go in knowing it’s D&D themed. There’s so many wonderful moments from sweet to swoon worthy all the way to laughing so hard you can feel your six pack coming in. I just can’t believe this in the end?! Maybe?! I really hope this isn’t the end for these comics! There’s so much I’m hoping for and wanting to see the authors create for future comics! Each of these comics end so quickly and I’m not ready for it to end! But by far, this is my absolute favorite of all the comics released and it makes me want to break out my D20 and start rolling for everything!


Dream Daddy Main Theme Song

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