Shadow of the Fox Reading Playlist


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“The future,” she said, her voice echoing over the crowd, “is an ever changing stream. Every choice, every decision we make, sends it down a different path.” 

I think the biggest thing for me with this book, it feels like a slice of familiarity. Reading about this group of people traveling together remind me so much of some of my favorite anime shows like Inuyasha or Samurai Champloo or even Naruto. I always love seeing various group dynamics come together and how their personalities mesh with each other. Julie Kagawa has done a marvelous job with this. The way Yumeko and Tatsumi are together is so unique and works so well with one another, that I’m constantly craving more. Even as characters were added to their group, the way the different personalities bounced off one another was so good. I love it and I can’t wait to see how the various personalities continue to bloom and grow in Julie’s future books in this series!

I loved this book so much and I’m still thinking about every little piece from this book! The characters are some of the most captivating that will lure you into investing every emotions you have into them. But having this reading experience wouldn’t be complete without the amazing music I was listening to while reading this ya fantasy! So without any further delay, let me share some of the best music to listen to while reading this book!

Memoirs of a Geisha Full Soundtrack
Relaxing Japanese Music
Zen Garden
MISIA – 白い季節
Japanese Battle Music

Okay, friends! That’s my whole playlists for Shadow of the Fox! I hope you give some of these amazing tunes a chance and you enjoy them as much as I do. With the sequel right on the horizon, I might just have to make a playlist for that one as well. As always, I hope your month is full of amazing reads and if you haven’t decided on what to read next, I hope you consider giving Shadow of the Fox a chance! Until next time, I love you and may your tbr be full! ❤️


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