Bookstababes May Challenge

It’s that time again! If you follow me on social media then you’ve probably already heard the news! The Bookstababes are back with a brand new monthly challenge for the month of May! This month is a little extra special because we have so many May babies in our group which means we’re honoring their special day with their own special prompt for that day! Prime example, my special day is May 25th and if you’ve been with me for a hot minute then you know I have a lot of subtle Alice in Wonderland themes going on that just kind of happened. It’s going to be so much fun and we’re hoping to see you participate!

Now you’re probably wondering how this monthly challenge works. Well let me spill some tea for you. It’s super easy and you can do as many or as few as you would like. All you do is snap a picture that fits the theme and post it with the tag #bookstababesmay19. As always we hope that you have as much fun as we do with the challenge! And don’t forget that we shout-out some of favorite photos for that day!

Besides myself, make sure you check out all the other amazing Bookstababes! Each one of these ladies means the the world to me and I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do!

🌻 Shaked
🌻 Cassidy
🌻 Shelby
🌻 Dux
🌻 Dani
🌻 Emily
🌻 Tara
🌻 Jessica
🌻 Carla
🌻 Molly
🌻 Carlie
🌻 Trina
🌻 Cassie
🌻 Becky
🌻 And of course, Myself

And there you have it lovelies! Another month of exciting fun taking place! I can’t wait to see all your amazing photos and which challenges you love the most! I hope you all enjoy this month and all the fun it will bring! As always, may your month of May be filled with five stars reads, I love you! ❀️


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